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Types Of Sintering Furnaces

Shenzhen Vasden Bioceramics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 17, 2017

Industrial field sintering furnaces cover most of the heat in the market

Polycrystalline silicon ingot Furnace

Sintering furnace, according to the industry, the types of sintering furnace mainly include:

1. Cemented carbide field:

Vacuum sintering furnace, low pressure (60bar) sintering furnace, vacuum degreasing sintering furnace, low pressure degreasing sintering furnace, low pressure degreasing sintering gas quenching Furnace (20bar);

2. Powder Metallurgy field:

Continuous mesh Belt sintering furnace (1150 degrees), pusher-type sintering furnace (1250 degrees), steel belt sintering furnace (1000 degrees), rotary sintering furnace, etc.

3. Solar energy field:

Polycrystalline silicon ingot Furnace also belongs to a sintering furnace.

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